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Friday, September 23, 2022


***Access granted to ranking members first, then on first-come, first-served basis. 

***This is a rare publich(ish) event so RSVP now to secure access.

RSVP STEP ONE: All attendees must register here on www.th3syndicate.io

RSVP STEP TWO: All attendees must confirm RSVP HERE!

RSVP STEP THREE: Join our Discord for announcements – https://discord.gg/utcTbG97

***We will send confirmation of access prior to the event. 

– Th3Syndicate is a secret society of leaders in Entertainment and Web3

– We use digital wallets to distribute NFTs that indisputably verify membership or access to events. 

– Help with setting up wallet: Go to our Discord

– Can’t make the digital wallet work? Then RSVP HERE: CLICK