Founder / CEO of EMR Media Group


Liz Rodriguez is the founder and CEO of EMR Media Group an award-winning marketing, branding and public relations firm specializing in global campaigns in promotions, public relations, social media, special events, product launches, target marketing and brand awareness for the entertainment industry.

For over 25 years, Liz has been on the frontline representing the independent film, television and music artists who rely on dynamic public relations to be the driving force behind their projects. The main objective of the PR is to nurture relationships with critics and media outlets, to steer buyers, and audiences to their clients’ films, television series or upcoming music releases.

With over 110 IMDb film credits, and music industry case studies, Liz is a public relations powerhouse who specializes in tailor-made media plans with her clients, regardless of budget. She has helped film, television and music talent break out into the mainstream, organized high profile celebrity red carpet events, corporate exhibitions and launched start-up companies and non-profit organizations, which is why in 2014 the Hollywood Walk of Fame presented EMR Media with an award for ‘Outstanding Service to the Mass Media for Publicity Services and Red Carpet Special Events’.

Liz has worked, and lived, in major international markets for clients and brands, covering a diversity of cultures including those in the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi), Europe, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. From London to Los Angeles, her work has been featured in Music Connection Magazine, Billboard, Music Week, NME, Earmilk, What’s In Store, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, Variety, Screen Daily, US Weekly, The Source, MSN, CNN, Access Hollywood, Fox News, TMZ, E! News, to name a slim few.

Aside from her working career, Liz is an active supporter of many charities including UNICEF, Thirst Project, No Kid Hungry, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and volunteers her time to organizations that support the welfare of children and animals.

Email: | WhatsApp: 01 310 435 3634