Media entrepreneur, philanthropist, advocate & mother


Brandy Vega is a dynamic entrepreneur, media master, mother, philanthropist, and advocate.

She’s the founder of Vega Media Studios, a leading video production and media studio, CEO of DANcan, a tech startup focusing on digital authentication and the founder of a Good Deed Revolution, a nonprofit dedicated to promote mental health and suicide prevention. Brandy’s current campaign is Promise2Live

At 17 years old she joined the Army as a broadcaster and public affairs specialist. During her career, she reported and anchored for Fox News, produced shows for worldwide audiences, and served in executive positions.  

Brandy Vega nearly lost her child to suicide not once but twice. The first time she buried the pain and carried it as a deep, dark secret shrouded in shame and stigma. The second time she prayed for a miracle and promised God she’d do anything if she could have one more chance. Thankfully, he gave it to her! Since 2021 she’s dedicated her life to connection, action, resources and education (CARE). She is on a mission and won’t stop until everyone, everywhere has made the Promise2Live, knows they are loved and knows there is help available!

Promise2Live asks everyone everywhere, whether or not they struggle to promise that if they EVER feel sad, depressed, hopeless or suicidal that they will reach out to a friend, family member, a trusted resource or call or text 988! Once they promise, they’re asked to share it. By sharing on social media, we can stop the stigma, start conversations and save lives! She invites all to join the cause!